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East Texas Colors




East Texas Colors

For about six weeks, mid-October through November, autumn is normally beautiful in East Texas. Along the East Texas Heritage Trail, any route in any direction will lead to color, special discoveries, fun and excitement. Once the wave of Arctic air sparks the season's gala transformation, flights of geese and increased sightings of deer and squirrel will signal--"Come now, it's Fall!"

For about 4 weeks in April, the natural beauty of spring flowers is simply an awesome site. The weather is just about perfect for putting that old convertible top down.

Spring or Fall, bring your binoculars, bird watching and flora identification books, and your cameras. Early morning or late-afternoon sun make photos most dramatic and more interesting. Include some close-up photos of leaves and pine boughs, wildlife, fall wildflowers, lake scenes, and other memorable moments of your getaway.

What we have to offer is plain and simple, friendly and natural, a blend of Piney Woods and Old Southern Hospitality. Discover the variety, mystique, and good old-fashioned fun of life here. Make it yours.

Below are a few photos from East Texas Colors. CLICK ON THE THUMBNAILS to see the LARGER PHOTOS.

    Fall Colors 2008    
    Spring Colors 2009    


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